1. This is to promote the SHOP LOCAL theme and to piggy-back on the American Express Small Business Saturday nationwide efforts.
  2. The BBA plans to advertise and promote via the Journal Opinion, Bridge Weekly, WYKR, Social Media & encourages businesses to participate in advertising via their own ads and their own social media/in-store promotions.
  3. We encourage businesses to connect with the American Express Small Business Saturday link to access their marketing tools.
  4. We encourage businesses to offer their own specials/drawing and to provide that information to the BBA email address ( before Thursday, 11/18 so that it can be included in any possible BBA promotional materials. All 2021 dues-paid BBA members with a storefront will have the BBA drawing boxes delivered to them to be used for public ‘sign-ups’ for the BBA $200 gift certificate drawing. After any additional ‘in-store drawings’, please deliver your boxes to either WRSB or Bliss Village Store before Tuesday, 12/7, so that we can co-mingle the signups and have a drawing for the $200 gift-card at the 12/7 BBA meeting.)
  5. We encourage businesses to schedule and promote special events (performances, demonstrations, etc.) to add value to their retail presence – and to provide any such schedule of events to the BBA to promote, as well.
  6. We also encourage businesses to connect with community and/or school groups with which they may be connected to add to the event with on-street sales, performances, etc.
  7. There will also be a tree-lighting/caroling event scheduled for 12/3 with more details to follow.